Installation of Fire Alarms & Emergency Lighting Systems

Analogue addressable systems

For larger systems such as schools , hospitals and office blocks, we often recommend analogue addressable fire alarm systems. This gives good identification of the source of an activation, with cabling routes being simpler than with multi zone conventional panels.

Single or Multi-zone Conventional Panels

Domestically we often fit 2-wire multi zone fire alarm panels so that the source of an activation can be identified. The use of a 2-wire fire detection or alarm system allows for easy upgrade in either detection or sounder circuits.

Monitored Fire Alarm Systems

Increasingly insurance companies are asking for Fire Alarms and Systems to be monitored through to a 24-hour monitoring station. This can be done by BT Redcare, a digital communicator, or using a separate channel on an existing monitored intruder alarm.

Fire Warning Strobes and Beacons to Satisfy Disability Regulation

Recent changes in regulations have been introduced to help deaf and disabled people in the event of a fire. Systems now have integral beacons or stand alone strobes as appropriate. We can readily upgrade existing fire alarms in the same way.

Emergency Lighting Systems

The purpose of an emergency lighting system is to illuminate if power to the local lighting circuit fails. For this reason it is important to trace the existing wiring in order to establish how it was cabled to satisfy Fire Regulations. We recommend fitting isolation switches to make future testing of the lights less inconvenient for residents / office staff.

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