Coronavirus Outbreak – January 2021 Update

Further to the Government’s latest announcement that England is to enter into a second lockdown as of Tuesday 5th January until middle February we will follow government guidelines in continuing to offer full service and support to all fire & security systems including preventative maintenance visits, installation and upgrades of new or existing systems.

For your safety and peace of mind, whilst we continue to offer this service our procedures have been fully risk assessed with all engineers adhering to the following guidelines:

 Site entry procedure
1. Before entering any site wear a facemask

2. Before entering any site make contact with a representative inside the building. For blocks of flats, this included each flat.
a. Use mobile phone or intercom for initial contact. Where this is not possible, knock on the door before stepping 2m back.

3. Advise representative that you are not showing any signs of the COVID-19 Virus.

4. Ask the representative if anyone in the home or place of work been diagnosed with COVID-19, or suffering the recognised symptoms and therefore in isolation? (Loss of smell/taste, continuous cough, temperature). If the answer is yes and still during the isolation period; do not enter and discuss with office, we may still have to enter if an emergency.

5. Ask the representative if anyone in your home or place of work is classed as ‘vulnerable’, or shielding under NHS guidance? If the answer is yes, advise the representative of our measures and ask if they still want us to enter. Adopt PPE.

6. Agree works and access with representative – where ever possible, politely insist that customer vacates the areas where access is required. Where this is not possible adopt PPE


General Points
1. Before entering and immediately after leaving site, wash hands using antibacterial soap and running water.

2. Dispose of any used PPE or bag up reusable PPE

3. We will have access to PPE to be used when necessary.

4. We will not make any physical contact, including handshakes.

5. Social distancing guidelines of 2m must always be adhered to.

6. Customers should ensure the work area is clean and clear prior to our arrival, internal doors should be left open where possible.

Further updates relating to our services are as follows:


Alarm monitoring & key holder details
All of our alarm receiving centres (ARC) continue to operate a full response to alarm signals albeit sometimes having to apply Event Prioritisation procedures if staffing levels are duly affected.  The current status for all 5 of our ARCs is as follows:
• Custodian Monitoring:  Currently operating normally – no Event Prioritisation procedures active
• SSS Monitoring: Currently operating normally – no Event Prioritisation procedures active
• Southern Monitoring Services: Currently operating normally – no Event Prioritisation procedures active
• Securi-Guard Monitoring Services: Currently operating normally – no Event Prioritisation procedures active
• ARC Monitoring (CCTV Systems Only): Currently operating normally – no Event Prioritisation procedures active

If your alarm is monitored and you require keyholder details updating please e-mail your changes to detailing your site name and address along with the required changes.


Alarm Response & Keyholding service
Our Alarm Response & Keyholding service is fully operational.
We will continue to update our website as circumstances change but in the meantime if you have any questions please contact the office during 9:30am & 4:30pm on 01179748999

Yours faithfully
Cannon Security
Service Department

Free Guidance & Advice

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