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Fire Safety Risk Assessment

The Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005 (RRFSO) The RRFSO came into force on 1 October 2006, and means businesses must carry out a Fire Safety Risk Assessment.

The object of this act is to move towards a greater emphasis on Fire Prevention with similar principles to other Health & Safety policies.

This also means that by law someone will be responsible and held accountable for this Fire Safety regulation.




Who does it apply to?

Any company with more than FIVE employees.
Offices - with additional responsibilities  if there are any shared areas like stairways.
Factories / Warehouse - with special clauses where dangerous substances exist.
Multiple dwellings with two or more flats in a property.


What is required?
A Risk Assessment is needed to evaluate if the property meets all necessary requirements:
• Escape routes - leading to fire doors with easily unlockable access.
• A Fire alarm - which would warn everyone to vacate the premises
  (inc disabled personnel).
• Emergency lighting - to ensure a visible route through fire exits until
   leaving the property.
• Fire extinguishers - to ensure all types of fire can be tackled at initial stages.


Who is responsible?

It could be the employer, owner, landlord, a member of the management group, or via a managing agent.

This person has to ensure a Fire Risk Assessment is carried out.

There also needs to be an assistant identified to help support the main person.

All staff need to be trained and must ‘do their bit’ including being vigilant for potential fire hazards.


What will happen if you fail to meet the regulations?

The responsibility of the named person is not only to meet initial Fire Safety standards but to also ensure a continued effectiveness, which will be reviewed annually.

The Fire Brigade, Health and Safety executives and Local authorities have enforcing powers allowing them to enter premises, inspect records, force alterations and even shut down and possibly Prosecute where Fire Safety regulations have not been met.


Where to start?

Ask Cannon to help with Risk Assessment and with all of the necessary Fire Safety requirements mentioned above.